Martin Joseph Mengal: Das Reicha'sche Quintett

If the Gramofon magazine reader doesn't know the biography and discography of Martin Joseph Mengal (1784-1851) or doesn't even know his name, please don't think that something is missing from his or her basic musical knowledge. I did ask the critics at Gramofon and they also were not able to place this artist-author on the musical map of Europe. However, as I read from the booklet of the Membran double CD, who is actually a publisher of unique and rare recordings, Mengal was well-known and popular in Belgium of course and even in Paris in the aristocratic world. On this double CD the wind quintetts were recorded by a German chamber orchestra. The records are very interesting, since Mengal's big maestros like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Rossini big works are transformed to wind instruments in a very clever way avoiding cheap musical solutions.

Gramofon Hungary 01.01.2006