60207 - refreshingly transmitted


ORGELMUSIK AM WIENER HOF: FROBERGER, KERLL, MUFFAT. Jeremy Joseph, organist; Wiener Choralschola, Daniel Mair, conductor. HI/57 Freund organ of the Monastery Church, Klosterneuburg, Germany (1636-42, reconstruction/restoration in the 1980s). NCA (New Classical Adventure) 60207. Distributed by Membran Music Ltd.; www.membran.net/Musik/ Klassik/Orgelmusik/index.html; www. ncamusic.com/produkte. php?lang=de.

A native of Durban, South Africa, Jeremy Joseph, now based in Vienna, is a consummate interpreter of this repertoire. His performances are distinguished by their vitality, a result of solid, rhythmic, strongly accented playing. He dexterously navigates the profuse embellishments while rendering sensitivity to the lyrical passages. His registrations are imaginative and apt. The "festival organ" of the Monastery Church in Klosterneuberg is considered one of the most important of Europe's historical instruments. It contains no wooden pipes, its thick pipe walls produce a uniquely rich tonal quality, and there are plenteous stops of 8' and 4' pitch. The instrument has been spared the unfortunate alterations suffered by so many instruments of its age; many of its pipes are in original condition. During the 1980s rebuild, the action was reconstructed (the original action was destroyed during World War II at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna, where it had been taken for repair). The acoustic further enhances the engaging sounds of this remarkable instrument. Through Jeremy Joseph's capable limbs manipulating a beautifully preserved, colorful instrument, the music of these 17th-century masters is refreshingly transmitted to our 21st-century ears.
American Guild of Organists - September 2010 30.09.2010