60188 Clori, Tirsi e Fileno

HANDEL: Clori, Tirsi E Fileno

Dianne Wells
The WholeNote, Dec. 1, Ď09 - Feb. 7, Ď10

This is a reissue of a 1997 recording from the Handel festival in Halle. Handelís Clori, Tirsi e Fileno is a secular cantata composed in 1707 for the Italian nobility. Though a fairly obscure work, many of the arias sound familiar as they were indeed reworked as some of the central arias for the composerís later operas. This sweet little pastorale tells the story of a shepherdess (Suzie LeBlanc, soprano) who strings along suitors Tirsi (Jörg Waschinski, sopranist) and Fileno (David Cordier, alto) until they tire of her two-timing machinations. The singers are suitably matched and the combination of the three treble voices paints a light and carefree comic impression. While the liner notes include an English translation, unfortunately, the text does not, although from the performance and musical language, it is easy to imagine the events. That the piece is an early piece of Handelís is demonstrated by the fluid alteration of dialogue between characters, dialogue with the orchestra, arioso and dacapo forms. Purity, vocal clarity, the expressiveness of obbligato sections and the precision of the seven-member ensemble are hallmarks of this performance, well worth its revival.

The WholeNote 01.12.2009