60160 - Martin Haselböck - Harmonies / Orgel Modern

Martin Haselböck: Harmonies / Orgel Modern (Křenek, Ligeti, Halffter, Schnittke, Durkó, Bischof)

Another of the sixth ten of the CDs of Martin Haselböck called Harmonies / Orgel Modern presents his interest in contemporary music. This world renowned concert organist and conductor also church singer (up from 1978 Viennese court organist), harpsichordist, composer, musicologist, pedagogue and publisher devotes systematic care to the contemporary music; he was also a friend of many composers as Křenek, Schnittke (was even his godfather), Halffter who dedicated their compositions to him. This CD is dedicated rather to those who are visiting the festivals of contemporary music then to those who are used to classical organ repertoire as Messiaen or Eben. Four Winds Suite Op. 223 of Ernst Křenek, Two Etudes of Gyorgy Ligeti, Ricercar of Cristobal Halffter, Two Little Pieces of Alfred Schnittke, Andromeda of Zsolt Durkó and Cadenza of Rainer Bischof – eleven pieces which were composed from late sixties to eighties of 20th century. It would be difficult to describe each short or longer compositions which are using not only polyfonic technique for example canon but also compositional techniques of 20th century avant-garde and experimental sequences in which is hard to recognize the sound color of this royal instrument. Haselböck´s performance is valuable due to the authenticity , it is convincing and we can almost say excellent. The CD is a portrait of Haselböck and also represents three manual organ Opus 525 (2001) from the Berlin worker Karl Schuk which was chosen by the interpret.
Thanks to the compositional language and the instrumental stylization of the compositions and thanks to the excellent interpretation of Martin Haselböck there should be paid attention to this CD both by interpreters and organ composers.
Harmonie CZ 01.10.2008